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Special events are a breeze for Auntie Rae. Please call us at 801-679-3925 or via email teaparties@auntieraes.com


Birthday Parties

Princess Tea

Come as your favorite princess or we have crowns. Menu includes turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit, cookies and ice cream for dessert. Lemonade or Hot Chocolate. $13 per child or $15 with treat bag for each guest. Play in Auntie Rae's Toy Room, tea service, princess activity, then open presents. Maximum participants is 12 guests.

Wizards and Witches Tea

Add magic to your party! Includes making wands, sorting into teams, banquet at grand hall then open presents. Menu includes mummy hot dogs, fruit, beverage and cookies and ice cream. $15 per guest.  Maximum participants is 12.

Secret Agent Party

Using math and observation skills have your agents solve the case. Can be paired with tea menu or just dessert. $7.50 per child dessert only, $13 with tea menu: lemonade or hot chocolate, turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit, with cookies and ice cream for dessert. Maximum participants is 12.

Kid Detective Mystery written for 8 girls and boys

Kids get to become their favorite kid detective such as Encyclopedia Brown or Nancy Drew. Together they must solve a mystery and find a hidden pirate treasure. Most effective for ages 8-13. $7.50 per child dessert only, $16 per child with tea menu: lemonade or herbal tea, turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit, with cookies and ice cream for dessert.

Murder Mystery Tea Parties

By reservation only - please call at least 48 hours in advance for this unique event. 801-679-3925

Orphans on a Train (Multi-generational)

Murders afoot with a pair of eccentric spinsters and orphans with special abilities. Includes game, beverage, cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and cheese plate, and dessert. Groups of 6, 8, 9 or 11 people $28 per person. Please specify number of players required and gender when making the reservation.  Thank you

Manor House Murder (4 Men & 4 Women)

Can you figure out who killed Sir Reggie in his own house located near London during World War II. Includes game, tea or coffee, cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and cheese plate, dessert. For a group with 4 Men and 4 Women, or 3 Men and 3 Women. $28 per person.

Death Comes To Bath (Men and Women)

Jane Austen’s lovable characters come to life in this tale of intrigue and gossip. Includes game, beverage, cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and cheese plate, and dessert. For Groups of 6 women, or 8 women or 2 men 4 women, or 2 men 6 women. $28 per person.

Small Town  Mystery 

Someone is found dead on the evening of the local high school reunion.  Can you follow the evidence and find the murderer?  A more flexible option for any number of people. Rated TV-14 due to the rigors of following the clues.  Includes our High Tea menu. Groups of 2 to 12 people $28 each player.


Who Killed Aunt Norris?

Auntie Norris is found dead in the maze.  Was is an accident or something more sinister? Based on characters from Jane Austen's classic book Mansfield Park. For Groups of 4 women, 2 men and 2 women, or 1 man and 3 women. High Tea is served. $28 per person.

Murder at Longbourn

Based on Jane Austen's classic tale, Pride and Prejudice, the Bennett sisters gather for a refreshing Christmas Tea at Longbourn, but shortly after their arrival one of the sisters is found dead. How could this happen, at Longbourn of all places.  Solve the mystery before dessert!   For a group of 4 women. High Tea is served. $28 per person.


Tea Party

Join Auntie Rae for Tea. By reservation only with inside table service maximum party size is 12 per room or outdoors buffet maximum of 25.

Beverage Menu: Tea Menu Spring 2023

Five options to suit your needs:

Mother's Day Tea - Five courses


Tea or hot beverage is individually selected.  Appetizer - soup de jour; finger sandwiches a choice of cucumber with cream cheese, chicken salad or both; scones with lemon curd, raspberry jam; fruit and cheese plate; lemon glazed bundt cake or raspberry mousse for dessert. $30 per person.

High Tea - Four Course

Tea is individually selected, choice of finger sandwiches (cucumber or chicken salad or both), scones (with jam or lemon curd), fruit and cheese plate and dessert. $25 per person. Children 12 and under are $13.00 when accompanied by an adult.

Afternoon Tea - Three Courses

Tea is individually selected, finger sandwiches of cucumber or chicken salad or both, scones (with jam and lemon curd), and dessert. $18 per person and $10 for children 12 and under.

Princess Tea - Three Courses

Crowns and dress up provided, Princess milk (raspberry flavor), turkey and cheese sandwiches, apples and grapes, cookies and ice cream. $13 per child.

Garden Tea - Three Courses

This new tea menu features our finger sandwiches, fruit and cheese plate ending with scones, jam and lemon curd. $22 per person or $11 for children 12 and under.


Auntie Rae offers a variety of black teas, herbal teas, hot chocolate, lemonade or soda.

Open Dessert Bar

We can also hold “al a carte” parties where each participant pays an upfront charge and then can sample from our open dessert bar. We’ll take care of the decorations and clean-up. Contact a member of our staff for details.



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