Auntie Rae's Treats & Tea Parties


...is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company. You are mistaken,’ said he gently, ‘that is not good company, that is the best.”

― Jane Austen, Persuasion

From that simple quote from Anne Elliot in Jane Austen’s masterpiece “Persuasion” comes the idea for Auntie Rae’s, Sweets and Tea Parties. It has been my dream for the last 16 years to create a place where good friends and family could gather together to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy good food. While tea parties get their name from the essential British drink, it is more than what you drink, but with whom you spend time.  A tea party isn’t just “lunch” it is a time to slowly savor delicious bites and good conversation. Auntie Rae’s should be a place to have long conversations, and indulge your sweet tooth. No clocks are found, just warm places to read, talk or reflect.

Raelynn Potts

(Auntie Rae)

Raelynn has a MBA from the University of Utah, and a BA from Southern Utah University. She was taught how to make pies by her grandmother when she was 14, which started a life-long love affair with baked goods.  Raelynn is certain that her grandmother is looking down from heaven and smiling, as she would have been the first in-line to encourage this grand adventure.  Though it has been a struggle to keep this small shop alive through the recent global pandemic, the pay-off is seeing regular customers return, and they in turn bringing new friends.

She has been certified with ServSafe National Restaurant Association.


Auntie Rae's

Sweets & Tea Parties

4704 South Holladay Boulevard (about 2300 East)
Holladay UT 84117